Intel Celeron D Overclocked to 8.20 GHz

Ryan Whitwam

Yes, a Celeron. Why? For the glory, of course. A devoted overclocker by the name of “TiN” at Xtremelabs claims to have pushed the Intel Celeron-D 347 to an unthinkable 8.20 GHz. This beats the previous record by just 16.8 MHz. Preliminary reports indicate that the CPU did not melt into a pile of slag.

TiN claims to have reached these speeds using a specially modified DFI LanParty UT P35 motherboard, OCZ memory, and every overclocker’s friend – liquid nitrogen. This intrepid soul first had to remove the integrated heat spreader by heating the CPU to over 200°C before installing it into the board.

There are no benchmarks from the super Celeron, and no indication that they would even be all that impressive. Still though, it would be interesting to see just how much better this slow chip performed at an extreme clock. If you have an old Celeron lying around, maybe you won’t need to get that new Core i7 after all.

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