Intel Cedar Trail Atom CPUs Get Some Specs

Ryan Whitwam

Despite the shrinking market for Intel's low-power Atom chips, the company is forging ahead with their Cedar Trail parts . The new processors, which should find their way into computers and tablets, are based on the 32nm manufacturing process. This advancement allowed Intel to get the CPU and GPU on a single die.

The D2500 and D2700 will be the first Cedar Trail chips out of the gate. Both are dual-core, but the D2500 is clocked at 1.86GHz with no HyperThreading. The D2700 will run at 2.13GHz with two extra threads thanks to its HyperThreading support. The integrated graphics are expected to be much better than last generation Atoms. HD and Blu-Ray decoding is included.

The chips will have a low TRDP of only 10W. We expect these chips to be a solid improvement over last year's parts. Do you think Intel's Atom chips have a future?

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