Intel and Toshiba Give Audience a Voice in New Social Film Project

Paul Lilly

How many times have you wanted to yell at a movie character to look behind them before they're sliced to bits, or give them some information crucial to whatever dilemma they're facing? The problem is, they never listen, no matter how spot on your advice. But what if they did? Intel and Toshiba today announced a new social film project called "Inside" that will give you, the viewer, a chance to direct the action from your recliner.

The film stars Emmy Rossum, a 20-something woman who finds herself trapped in a room with only a notebook (a Toshiba Satellite P775 powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, of course). She has no idea where she is or why she's being held, and that's where the audience comes in. Rossum's character, named Christina, uses the laptop to access her social network, and that's how you can communicate with her.

"Social film is still in an experimental phase and collaborations like this one will help bring new concepts, opportunities and ideas to the world of entertainment," explains director D.J. Caruso . "We had to approach the film differently because there are blanks that need to be filled in by the social media audience, but that is what makes it an exciting new experience for the viewer; the opportunity to participate in the film itself."

For this to work, the film will air in short episodes starting on July 25. Viewers will be invited to activate their social channels and help Christina figure out what's going on by posting tips, insights, ideas, and clues. Posts that best fit the storyline will be incorporated into future episodes.

What's more, one viewer has a shot at being cast in an actual role through a YouTube online casting call that opens today and runs through July 20. The winning video will be incorporated into the movie, with the winner being recognized in the film's credits.

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Image Credit: Intel

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