Intel and McAfee Finalize Acquisition, What Comes Next?

Paul Lilly

The acquisition of McAfee is complete and Intel is now the owner of one of the most recognizable security brands in the business. Doing so cost Intel nearly $7.7 billion , and going forward, McAfee will continue developing and selling products and services under its own brand, Intel stated in a press release .  Sometime later this year, Intel will put its strategic partnership to work by "tackling security and the pervasive nature of computing threats in an entirely new way." Expect mobile security to be a big focus of where this partnership goes.

Intel said it and McAfee are in agreement that today's approach to security does little to address the billions of Internet-ready devices, including PCs, mobile and wireless devices, TVs, cars, medical devices, and ATM machines. The solution? A fundamentally new approach combining software, hardware, and services.

Beyond that, Intel didn't say what it has in store. It's worth mentioning that in order to receive the European Union's blessing in this deal, Intel had to pinky promise not to lock certain security features into its own CPUs that wouldn't be available on competitors' chips.

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