Intel and Friends Shoot for 10nm by 2016

Paul Lilly

Intel, the world's No. 1 chip maker, is teaming with Samsung and Toshiba, the two biggest players in the NAND-type memory market, to form a consortium tasked with developing technologies that could halve semiconductor line widths to around 10nm by 2016, Reuters reports .

These three best friends that anybody could have will invite about 10 other companies to join in the fun. In addition, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry is planning to infuse the venture with around $61 million of the $120 million in initial funds for R&D. The rest will come from various members of the consortium.

Meanwhile, Intel earlier this month announced plans to spend at least $6 billion and as much as $8 billion upgrading its fabs for 22nm, part of which includes building a new fab in Oregon.

Image Credit: Intel

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