Intel Adds Seven Sandy Bridge CPUs

Pulkit Chandna

Intel updated its processor price list on Sunday. While nothing seems to have changed where the prices of existing chips are concerned, a careful look at the updated list reveals that it contains as many as seven new Sandy Bridge processors. Hit the jump for more.

Three of these new chips are quad-core Core i5 CPUs. These are the 3.4GHz Core i5-2550K ($225), 3.2GHz Core i5-2450P ($195) and 3.1GHz Core i5-2380P ($177). The ‘P’ in the last two names reportedly denotes the absence of an integrated graphics core.

On the mobile front, Intel has released four new Celeron processors, namely the 1.6GHz dual-core Celeron B815 ($86), 1.7GHz single-core Celeron B720 ($70), 1.3GHz dual-core Celeron 867 ($134) and 1.4GHz single-core Celeron 797 ($107). The Celeron 867 and 797 are both ultra-low voltage chips with a TDP of 17W.

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