Insurance Agent Busted for Selling Counterfeit Games

Paul Lilly

According to the TV jingle, 'Nationwide is on your side,' but at least one employee will spend 2.5 years behind bars for being on the wrong side of the law. His name is Qiang "Michael" Bi, and he was found guilty of selling more than 35,000 counterfeit computer games, The Columbus Dispatch reports .

Bi, who promised to "be a better person" and "never commit another crime," will serve two years of probation, including a year of home confinement, following his prison term.

"I believe at your core you are a good person," Judge Algenon L. Marbley said during sentencing. "You made a gross error in judgment...and it seemed all motivated by greed."

During his counterfeiting crime spree, Bi maintained over 50 eBay and Paypal accounts, each with different names.

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