Insanse GPU Overclock Sets Benchmarking World Record

Paul Lilly

MSI is giddy as all get-out that one if its videocards -- MSI R5870-PM2D1G -- set the record for the highest 3DMark Vantage Performance score on the planet achieved by a single-GPU graphics card. The score to beat is now 24,486.

Benchmarking that high on a single-GPU videocard doesn't come easy. Renowned overclocker "Deanzo" from New Zealand on used a healthy dose of LN2 to cool down the card to -180C. He was then able to supercharge the GPU to 1,380MHz, or 62.4 percent higher than reference clocks.

As for the software, MSI says Deanzo used the company's Afterburner overclocking utility, which supports GPU, Shader, and memory clockspeed adjustments on both ATI and Nvidia videocards. The utility also makes it possible to increase the voltage and adjust the fan speed.

Image Credit: MSI

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