Initial Ultrabook Sales Fall Short of Expectations

Paul Lilly

Intel came up with the Ultrabook category in hopes of blowing Apple's MacBook Air out of the water. Ultrabooks are supposed to be thin and light. They're intended to be powerful and well equipped with features. And they must be aesthetically pleasing, or at least that's Intel's vision for the Ultrabook category. And so far, Ultrabooks are all of these things, so why aren't they selling?

They're too friggin' expensive. That's the plain and simple truth, and the reason why sales are falling below expectations so far. According to DigiTimes, Acer and Asus reckon they'll move move 100,000 Ultrabooks by the end of the year, well short of their initial targets, which were set at two to three times that many.

Over in Taiwan, Acer's 13.3-inch Aspire S3 is selling for around $1,100, or about $100 higher than comparable MacBook Air models, DigiTimes says. You can find $1,000 Ultrabooks stateside, but not overseas.

Of course, the Ultrabook segment is brand spanking new, so it's too early to make any kind of determination, especially if prices start dropping down in the coming months.

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