Maximum PC Staff Jul 19, 2007


At A Glance


Ryan Reynolds look alike. Hello?

Ice cube

Mediocre game play.

You never want to get on the bad side of God, especially when you’re one of his elite angels. That’s what happened to Ryan Lennox (who bears more than a striking resemblance to Ryan Reynolds), the rugged protagonist of Infernal. You step into his forsaken boots as a fallen angel who is looking for redemption—but still isn’t afraid to kick ass and take names. After signing a contract with the devil, you’ll do dirty work for both good and evil, smiting rogue monks, heretics, and other supernatural menaces in this single-player-only fragfest.

The game takes you through monasteries, ironworks, and even an aircraft carrier—varied locations that ensure you won’t notice the repetitive action. The fast-paced gunfights take a cue from other established third-person shooters: We jumped, dived, and circle-strafed while blasting away at an endless supply of gimpy minions. Infernal even has a unique gameplay gimmick—using built-up mana power, you can unleash a hellfire attack that dramatically augments your current weapon. We also dug the ability to harvest souls, which gives you upgrades and lets you reclaim health.

The game’s pace is hindered only by its mazelike levels. We felt very restricted within the confined space of the maps and got bored with the countless puzzles requiring us to find keys and alternate routes through passageways. Even worse, we found ourselves occasionally stuck between objects while using the game’s cover system. There’s no harsher punishment than being trapped in a dark hallway, stuck to a barrel while goons spew vulgarities at you from afar.

When it comes to shooting and killing, Infernal doesn’t disappoint. Mercenaries and mini-bosses were no pushovers—we needed to score head shots and use cover to avoid losing our own noggin. The game includes plenty of exciting weapons, ranging from RPGs to plasma rifles, and everything gets kicked up a notch when you enable hellfire. Soft bloom and subtle lighting effects had us convinced that the developers went all out with the visuals. Too bad we can’t say the same about the gameplay.


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