Indie Hit The Stanley Parable Under Fire For Questionable Content



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C) Humans are violent animals much like every other living animal.

Just because a lion hunts down a zebra doesn't mean it's being incited by violent video games, a=have a mental illness, or is being influenced by another lion or lion commune.
In technicality we don't even know if the lion is hungry every time he hunts, who knows he might do it for fun.



I did not think that hard about it, when i saw it, but looking back at it looks bad. but it is an artistic mind bending game.

you can see it here
not sure on link posting rules so del me if you want.



Thanks for the link . Didn't watched to the end because got interested into buying this game.



I don't care how far an artist is asked to go. Just don't be an ass about asking. If the artist feels as Wreden did above, and is willing to accommodate requests, more power to them. If the artist is NOT willing to accommodate requests, then grow up and move on. Don't file lawsuits, or arrange boycotts or try to pass censorship laws. Be an adult and realize that other people have different opinions than you do.

I'm a little sad Wreden took the stance he did. I hope the original content is still available somewhere for fans. Possibly hidden behind a content unlock code, or a directors cut edition or something similar. This is like when Lucas Arts replaced all the Guns in ET with Walkie Talkies :( It ruins some fans' memories and experiences while generally pandering to the lowest common denominator.



aarcane said, "then grow up and move on. Don't file lawsuits, or arrange boycotts"

This sentiment isn't just foolish, it's downright anti-American.


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Didn't play the game so I don't have a dog in this fight. It's quite simple. The artist can do hat he wants and prospective customers can do what they want. Which means he can rant and rave about how it's all his choice. Which it is. And they can boycott, demand change, or take a pass on the game.

It's a big country. Room enough for all sides on this issue.