Indie Hit The Stanley Parable Under Fire For Questionable Content

Brittany Vincent

Creator is complying with requests to remove content

Indie game The Stanley Parable is under fire by fans and critics for some controversial content included within. Creator Davey Wreden has received several requests to remove or alter the content in question, in which a man is depicted setting a young child on fire.

The joke is in reference to the nature of choice, and some players find it uncomfortable due to the race of the child and the violence depicted on-screen in the ilustrations.

Davey Wreden is receptive to the changes, responding with the following statement via PC Gamer : "I've gotten hundreds of complaints and requests for changes, this one happens to be very small and doesn't affect my artistic vision for the game in any way. This choice is mine to make, no one else's." Wreden is being praised for his level-headed approach to criticism, but it does raise particularly interesting questions about censorship and how far a creator should be asked to go to alter their work to appease players.

Have you been playing The Stanley Parable? What are your thoughts on the situation?

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