India Will Unveil its $10 Notebook on February 3rd, but will it Play Crysis?

Paul Lilly

Forget about the mythical $100 laptop, India's $10 laptop project not only serious undercuts the former price point, but it supposedly exists. The low-cost portable PC represents the efforts of the Indian government's ministry of science and ministry of technology, and a prototype is expected to be unveiled tomorrow in Tirupati, India.

Despite the impending release, specifications still haven't been announced. However, some reports say the $10 laptop will come with 2GB of memory, WiFi connectivity, storage expansion options, and consume just 2W of power.

How it all translates to a single Alexander Hamilton greenback is a mystery, or even the current pre-production cost, which sits at about double . "At this stage, the price is working out to be $20 but with mass production it is bound to come down," R P Agarwal, secretary, higher education said.

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