India Unveils $35 Tablet


India boasts the world’s most inexpensive car and a frugal space program credited with the cheapest unmanned moon mission ever. Now, the latest entrant to the keep-it-cheap-we-are-Indians club is a $35 tablet unveiled by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development.

According to an official press release, a device based on the Linux-based prototype ( video ) unveiled by the HRD ministry could cost around $35 (Rs 1500). But that is still pretty steep, isn’t it? Well, the ministry sees the price “gradually dropping down to $20 and ultimately $10 a piece.”

Aimed at students, and developed by the country’s leading tech universities, the dirt cheap tablet features video conferencing functionality, Flash- and Java-enabled web browsing, a rich multimedia experience, and more. Very little is known about the hardware apart from the fact that it has 2GB RAM, Wi-Fi and one USB port.

But this might as well turn out to be a dud as development projects backed by the Indian government usually face a plethora of hurdles at various stages.

Image Credit: IbnLive

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