India: Terrorists Used American's Open Wi-Fi to Send their Emails


Wi-Fi theft is turning into a menace of inordinate proportions and home-based wireless networks are sitting ducks for bandwidth thieves, a demographic that now also includes wily terrorists. A case that has come to light in India will insure that some of the benevolent Wi-Fi hosts will never turn off their firewalls or show vacuous disregard towards bandwidth theft.

An American national, Kenneth Haywood, was nabbed by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) from his Mumbai residence after it was found that e-mails claiming responsibility for heinous serial blasts in Ahmedabad, India on 26th July – that claimed 46 innocent lives and wounded many more – emanated from his IP address.

He is fortunate that the cyber experts of the ATS bought his plea, that his Wi-Fi might have been used by the terrorists to send the e-mail without him being in the know. Of course, their preliminary investigation also seems to suggest the same, as he hasn’t been booked under any law. However, he has been told not to leave the country until further notice.

Several fear-mongers have prophesied about the threat cyber terrorism poses. This isn’t the deadly manifestation of cyber terrorism that they talk about, it is a sinister beginning all the same.

Image Credit: Four Starters

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