Incoming Text Message: You Have Herpes

Paul Lilly

"OMG, u have chlamydia, sry!!!" We assume the National Health Service in London Borough of Hounslow would use proper grammar, but the gist of the message might still be the same. That is, if you take advantage of the London primary care trust's new online service.

Hounslow residents between the age of 16 and 24 who fear they might have chlamydia can request a free self-test kit, and then request that the results be sent back via text message.

"We are not expecting that volume of people to respond and the texting service is not being automated," said a spokesperson for the trust . "Someone will be responsible for answering and receiving the texts."

So far the text message service is only available for chlamydia testing. But if it proves to be popular option for text-addicted teens and young adults, we could see this expanding, not only to other types of testing, but also to other hospitals.

Hit the jump and tell us if you could see yourself opting for text-message test results.

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