In-Stat: USB 3.0 Device Shipments to Touch 80 Million Units in 2011

Pulkit Chandna

The world’s leading chip maker Intel has yet to add native USB 3.0 support to its chipsets, but that isn’t stopping PC vendors from offering USB 3.0 support using third-party controllers. As a result, the technology is becoming increasingly commonplace. According to market research firm In-Stat’s estimates , shipments of USB 3.0-enabled devices could touch 80 million this year.

Captain Obvious: In-Stat feels that for the ongoing drizzle of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 devices to turn into a steady downpour, core logic integration is needed from Intel as it will allow “notoriously cost-conscious PC OEMs to offer it for free.”

Anyways, AMD has beaten its more storied rival to the punch in this department, having just rolled out native USB 3.0 support with its A-Series “Llano” APUs. Intel will only follow suit in 2012 when it launches its Ivy Bridge chips.

Where is my SuperSpeed USB phone?: Well, it is a fair way from shipping. Describing mobile phones as “a key driver for USB overall,” In-Stat said that the first SuperSpeed USB phones aren’t expected to arrive anytime before late 2013.

Not down and definitely not out: In-Stat revealed that of the 3.5 billion USB devices shipped in 2010, nearly three-quarters featured Hi-Speed USB 2.0.

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