In July, Windows 7 is Up, Mac OSX is Down

Ryan Whitwam

No one's under any impression that Apple's Mac OSX is on the way to beating out Windows in the market share department, but the July market share numbers still have to sting a little bit for Cupertino. The market share of OSX fell for the fourth straight month, landing at 5%. It's not like Apple is hurting for cash, they're selling more devices than ever before, thanks to the iPad and iPhone.

Windows 7 on the other hand, hit a milestone and is now running on more PCs (14.5%) than Windows Vista(14.3%). Microsoft has been talking a big game about their Windows 7 sales level, and this is just more proof. Vista numbers have fallen precipitously since Windows 7 was launched. Interestingly, the operating system stalwart, Windows XP still holds a 61.9% market share. XP has lost 5.9% this year though.

It will be interesting to see if Windows 7 can continue this trend, and if it ever makes a real dent in XP's market share. Also of note, is the continued move of Apple away from OSX, and toward vertically integrated platforms like the iPad. What do you think the future holds?

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