In Case You Missed It: Maingear Fetches Street Cred with Snoop Dogg, Rapper and PC Gamer

Paul Lilly

The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg who recently renamed himself Snoop Lion (we prefer to acknowledge him as the Dee Oh Double Gee from the L-B-C) is a PC gamer, though he doesn't roll his own rigs. There's nothing at all wrong with the latter, especially when your dealer is Maingear , a boutique builder that uses only the finest ingredients and never laces its high grade gaming machines with crapware, bloatware, and other unsavory substances.

Snoop Dogg was spotted a few months back smoking foes with Maingear CEO Wallace Santos, the two together putting the then-new Potenza through its paces by blazing through rounds of Battlefield 3 in 3D. For himself, Snoop Dogg purchased a custom F-131 desktop from Maingear that was loaded with an Intel Core i7 processor, GeForce GTX 680 graphics card, and other hardware. He also picked out an Asus 27-inch monitor with Nvidia 3D Vision 2 glasses.

Celebrity PC gamers are anything but rare. According to Bright Side of News , other celebrities who indulge in PC gaming include Chuck Norris (game over, console fans -- PC gamers win), Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams, Brandon Routh, Tom Cruise, and Daniel Craig, to name a handful.

Before the inevitable " This story is old! " comments come rolling in, understand we're aware of that, we missed covering it this summer, we feel terrible about it, and thought you should know. Oh, and for you die-hard console gamers, we're willing to acknowledge celebrities play on those too -- see above. Everyone happy?

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