IMO.IM Web Service Supports Skype and Much More

Paul Lilly

Forget about Meebo or any other instant messaging aggregator service you might be using, because none of them (that we know of) has as many tricks up their sleeves as IMO.IM.

Currently in alpha form, IMO.IM boasts support for all the major IM protocols -- MSN, AIM / ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk -- and will also work with MySpace. But perhaps the most noteworthy addition lies in IMO.IM's support for Skype, the oft overlooked client in just about every IM aggregator in existence.

In addition to text, IMO.IM also supports voice and video, which looks to be the tip of the iceberg according to the program's blog page. A sampling of planned projects include text to speech and vice versa in all languages, face and object recognition, 3D avatars, chat rooms, shared whiteboards, and a plethora of other services.

Curious? Give IMO.IM a whirl here and tell us what you think.

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