iFixit Tears Apart Droid 4, Tests "Non-Removable Battery" Claims

Brad Chacos

Verizon released the keyboard-sporting Droid 4 late last week, so you know what the intrepid crew over at iFixit spent their weekend doing: tearing the bad boy apart to see what makes it tick. As it turns out, the battery -- which isn't supposed to be removable by users -- can definitely be removed, but it's a major pain in the butt. The keyboard and LCD screen held a few design surprises, too.

Did we say the battery can be removed? Only if you're really, really dedicated. iFixit found it secured by two T5 Torx screws and approximately a metric ton of glue. So much glue, in fact, that average users could be in danger if they try removing it at home.

"It's actually pretty difficult to remove the battery without a pry tool like the spudger," iFixit writes. "The adhesive is so strong that you may accidentally bend the battery too much (and cause it to possibly ignite) if you try removing it with just your fingers."

Other interesting tidbits: iFixit reports the keyboard is "the best Droid keyboard yet," but found that its pressure sensors are integrated directly with the motherboard, which would make replacing a dead key a heck of an ordeal. On the bright side, the LCD and the glass screen aren't joined, so if you manage to somehow smash your display, you won't need to spring for the cost of a whole new LCD. (You'd need to replace the touchscreen controller, though.)

For even more info, analysis and pics from every stage of the process, head over to iFixit's teardown of the Droid 4 . It's interesting stuff for hardware geeks.

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