iFixIt Seeks Out Repair Gurus from Around the World, Profiles Them on New Website

Paul Lilly

We'd love it if you spent the bulk of your online time right here on MaximumPC.com, and we're constantly working hard to deliver awesome online content to keep you coming back. But hey, the Web is big -- really big -- and there are some worthwhile destinations out there. One of our favorites is iFixIt.com, a site dedicated to DIY electronics repair enthusiasts, and these guys aren't afraid to crack open the latest gear to see what makes 'em tick. We dig that kind of mindset. So when our friends at iFixIt told us they were launching a new website, they had our full attention.

"This week, we're launching iFixit.org to tell the story of repair. We are going to profile repair gurus from around the world, investigate the motivations of people who fix things, and consider the larger ethical and philosophical issues surrounding repair. It's going to be a blast, and we look forward to bringing you along on the journey," iFixIt stated in an email.

iFixIt's founder Kyle Wiens has been hopping around the globe visiting small repair shops in developing countries, chronicling his travels along the way. Some of what he's seen will end up on the new site.

"We will also be posting updates about Fixers , a short documentary Kyle and his team of journalists have been developing about electronics repair technicians in cities such as Nairobi, Delhi, and Cairo," iFixIt says. "Currently in post-production, Fixers will be released later this year. iFixit.org will host progress reports, behind-the-scenes goodies, and previously unreleased footage."

Being a new site, there's not a ton of content up yet, but like a stack of old electronics, it's starting to pile up. There are posts about about a water pump repair shop in Kenya, finding a good e-waste recycler, Egypt's master car mechanic, and a few other tidbits. You can dive in here .

Image Credit: iFixIt

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