iFixIt Guts Amazon's New Kindle Fire HD Tablet, How Does It Compare?

Paul Lilly

One of the things we look forward to most when there's a new product launch is the inevitable teardown. Our friends at iFixIt are always on the ball, and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD launch is no exception. The product repair site put the Kindle Fire HD (7-inch version) on the operating tablet and tore it open , leaving no part concealed, and discovered that it's not all that difficult to service at home.

iFixIt rates products on a "Repairability" scale that goes up to 10, and the higher the score, the easier it is to open and service a device. Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet received a 7/10. According to iFixIt, the rear case is "very easy to open" and the battery is held in place without the use of adhesive. The repair site also noted that the Kindle Fire HD's simplified design with limited functionality plays in its favor because there are fewer components to navigate, ultimately making it easier to tear into.

Image Credit: iFixIt

On the negative side, iFixIt noted the use of copper tape over the processor, which is a bit difficult to remove and reapply correctly, and the LCD is fused to the front glass and plastic frame, so you'll have to replace both components together if something goes wrong.

Compare that to the original Kindle Fire, which received an 8/10 in iFixIt's teardown analysis, and Apple's third genration iPad tablet, which was scored a rather dismal 2/10 . Google's Nexus 7 tablet, built by Asus, received a 7/10 , the same as the Kindle Fire HD.

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