iFixIt Dissects 7th Generation iPod Nano, Laments Adhesive on Battery

Paul Lilly

One of the main reasons we're such big fans of the PC (as in, Windows- and Linux-based boxes) is because they're so easy to service and upgrade. That isn't necessarily true for many mobile devices, and it's certainly a concession you have to make with most Apple products, including the new iPod Nano. Our friends at iFixIt carved into a 7th generation iPod Nano like a Halloween pumpkin and found both tricks and treats inside.

Skipping right to the chase, iFixIt scored the iPod Nano a 5 out of 10 on its Repairability scale, which is a rating of how easy or difficult it is to service a device at home. The higher the score, the easier it is to open up a gadget and start replacing or fixing components.

The iPod Nano was dinged for the fact that Apple both adhered the battery to the back of the display and soldered it to the logic board. It also lost points for having other replaceable items soldered to the logic board, including the Lightning connector, button cable, and headphone jack.

On the positive side, iFixIt found the iPod Nano a cinch to open -- just loosen two screws and use a plastic opening tool to pry it apart. Also refreshing was the use of standard Phillips #00 screws instead of the security or pentalobe screws Apple likes to use on some of its products.

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