iFixIt Deconstructs First Jelly Bean Tablet, Google's Nexus 7

Paul Lilly

The folks at iFixIt have a penchant for tearing apart hardware and giving us more than just a passing glimpse at what lies underneath the hood of the latest gear. We always look forward to these teardowns, in part because it means we don't have to risk destroying our own hardware to peek inside. Another reason is because iFixIt has a way of securing tech toys that aren't available to the general public yet, like Google's recently unveiled Nexus 7 tablet.

Rest assured, iFixIt gave the Nexus 7 the full teardown treatment , carving it open like a Halloween pumpkin. In place of seeds and stringy pumpkin guts, iFixIt discovered a 4326 mAh battery, which unlike the iPad, was "actually quite easy to remove." There was just a small amount of adhesive holding it place around the metal frame, iFixIt says.

Interestingly, iFixIt discovered a pair of drivers, even though the official Nexus page only advertises a single speaker in the back. These were also relatively easy to remove, as was most of the hardware, resulting in a 7 out of 10 score on iFixIt's repairability chart (10 being the easiest to repair).

Image Credit: iFixIt

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