iFixit / Chipworks Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown

Maximum PC Staff

During my years here at Maximum PC I’ve noticed a strong correlation between our audience, and the desire to rip perfectly good things apart just to see how they work. When it comes to modern smartphones this can be a bit problematic because they don’t always go back together all that well. The use of proprietary screws, glue, and other nasty “innovations” threaten to make future computing devices completely unserviceable. Thankfully sites such as iFixit have popped up to do the heavy lifting for us, and risk their $600+ phones so you don’t have to. Today’s science experiment is the Samsung Galaxy S III .

Most of the items exposed post mortem were already known, but at least now we can see how they all fit together. Up close pictures of the 8-megapixel camera, 2,100mAh battery, and Exynos Quad Core CPU look great, however there is always a catch. The Glass on the display is “fused” to the Galaxy S III frame. This means any accidental drop that breaks the glass will be an expensive, curse inducing mistake. We wish manufacturers would keep reparability in mind when they design phones and gadgets, however the desire to make them thinner and lighter isn’t helping.

Hit jump to see the step by step teardown .

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