If Anonymous Kills Facebook, Who Will Tend the Farms?

Paul Lilly

Those attention starved script kiddies that make up the hacking group known as Anonymous have found yet another way to make headlines, this time by making public their intention to stomp out the world's largest social playground. Their vow didn't come in the form of a press release, but a YouTube video that's reminiscent of something you'd see in a bad B movie.

In the 2-minute video clip (embedded below), a garbled voice announces to "citizens of the world" that "your medium of communication that you all so dearly adore will be destroyed." Why? For your own good, naturally.

"Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world," Anonymous says. The group goes on to blast Facebook's account deletion process, which Anonymous deems "impossible," and point out privacy concerns.

So when exactly is Anonymous going to "kill Facebook?" Mark your calendars for November 5, 2011, which means the joke's on them .

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