IE9 Reaches Release Candidate Milestone

Pulkit Chandna

Internet Explorer 9 has hit the release candidate milestone ( download ) and Microsoft is behaving like any browser vendor would when its browser reaches a new development milestone. You guessed it right, Redmond is touting the blazing speeds brought along by the Release Candidate.

A lot of these improvements - are avowedly inspired by the “over 17,000 pieces of feedback” MS received from developers and enthusiasts, according to a post on the official Internet Explorer blog .

“You will find the product has made progress on all fronts—performance and standards, user experience, and safety and privacy,” the company said. “The IE9 RC is faster with real world sites. In addition to making the script engine faster, we’ve improved and tuned the rest of the browser as well.”

You’ll find that Gmail, Office Web Applications, and many other sites are faster as a result of scenario tuning, network cache tuning, and new compiler optimizations. You’ll also find that the RC of IE9 often uses megabytes less memory than the beta because of changes like delayed image decoding. We’ve also improved the performance of things many people do every day, like find on page, and made improvements which extend battery life.”

On the HTML5 front, the IE9 RC brings support for HTML5 Geolocation, HTML5 semantic tags, CSS3 2D transforms and the WebM video codec. Another feature worth talking about is “do not track” that prevents advertisers from tracking the user’s online behavior.  Unlike Firefox 4 that uses a header-based solution, the “do not track” feature in IE9 relies on both the header and blacklists.

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