IE8 Jumps to the Top Spot in Browser Market Share


For the first time ever, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 claims more users than any other browser on the planet, including the dated (but still popular) IE6.

According to browser market research firm Net Applications, IE8 managed to wrangle its way onto 20.86 percent of all desktops and devices using a web browser, while IE6 claimed 20.99 percent. However, since 2.8 percent are using IE8 in compatibility mode, that propels Microsoft's latest version to the top of the charts.

Main rival Firefox 3.5 followed close behind at 16.32 percent, less than a percentage point above IE7 at 15.5 percent. Looking at the overall picture, however, Firefox still has considerable ground to make up, claiming 24.61 percent of the market compared to Internet Explorer's 62.69 percent. Chrome, meanwhile, sits at 4.63 percent, which was enough to push Apple's Safari browser to fourth place with 4.46 percent.

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