Internet Explorer 10 Second Most Used Browser Out of Microsoft Stable

Brittany Vincent

User share of IE10 has risen by 7.5%

Internet Explorer 10 has managed to secure second place amidst all of Microsoft's browsers just last month, with its user share rising from 16.5% to 24% of all copies of Internet Explorer.

PC World reports the data via Net Applications , which compiled the data sampling users of Microsoft's five main supported browsers. Internet Explorer 9 previously held second place with 20.9%, now bumped down to third. Fourth place finds IE6, hanging tough at 10.9%. First place is the indomitable IE8, with a whopping 40.4%.

Though it was a slow climb to the top, it appears that the Windows 7 automated push from IE9 to IE10 was a contributing factor in the browser's success, along with Windows 8's rising user share. The OS comes preloaded with IE10 onboard.

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