IE Continues to Lose Ground

Brad Chacos

We don't like IE6. Neither does Microsoft. In fact, the company actually maintains a site dedicated to telling the world how badly IE6 sucks and pleading for everybody to just stop using it, already. Their aim seems a bit off, though, if the numbers released today by metrics company NetApplications are any indication. IE6 is definitely losing market share, but the browser seems determined to drag its younger brothers kicking and screaming into the toilet with it.

Now, this isn't a doomsday scenario; NetApplications reports the various editions of Internet Explorer still account for over half the global browser usage, sitting at a healthy 54.27 percent. Taking a peek behind the curtain, though, reveals some troubling trends for Microsoft's baby. In July 2010, Internet Explorer enjoyed over 60.74 percent of the global share. That's more than a six percent dip in less than a year.

So where's everybody going? ComputerWorld took a look at the statistics for each version of IE, and found that while Microsoft's flagship IE9 gained an additional 1.8 percent in the past month (to a whopping 4.2 percent), people are fleeing the other versions like rats from a sinking ship – even from IE8, which comes installed in Windows 7. Chrome and Safari seem to be stealing away most of the users. Since July, their shares have jumped by 5.36 and 2.19 percent, respectively.

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