IDC: Tablet Shipments Decline as Consumers Await Updated iPad Models



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OK, I got a tablet and as it is a full Win 8 tablet I can carry it with me everyplace and do most things on it including being able to create projects instead of just mostly being able to display them.
I totally disagree that the slowdown is because the I-Kiddies are waiting for the next one with a few slightly different features, the majority of tablets sold are not iPads anyway. I think that it is because most of us who want a tablet have now gotten one and have no need to get a new one every year or two. In fact my next computer will be a new DIY desktop build using the new processors, SSD's and GPU's out there.
Tablets are now a permanent part of the scene but I bet that the industry and the fanboi press better set their sights on far more reasonable sales numbers in the coming few years.



I got a 10" tablet in December (Toshiba), couldn't be happier. I used to carry my laptop around when I traveled, but now I carry my tablet. Best purchase ever!

Now, I don't see the point on 7" tablets. They're not small enough to fit in your pocket, so carrying a 7" or a 10" still means a bag. My Galaxy S3 smartphone does everything the 7" does, and for quick browsing, email, tweets, it's just perfect. The 10" is better for movies, gaming and reading. The 7" is not much bigger than my smartphone and too small for movies.



Have to agree with Maverick on this one. Smart phones are getting better processors and better gaming graphics is on the way with the new processors. Tablets will be replaced by smart phones in my humble opinion. They were an endearing fad for a time, but that time seems to be coming to a close...finally. Now maybe Intel can get back to making desktop processors that make us all salivate :)


maverick knight

This analyst is so bias. Where in this article or his comments did he see a pattern from previous years that might indicate that? Who is this guy, really? Could it be that there are so many tablets to choose from and may be bigger smartphones could replace the need of an actual tablet? I still cant justify a table for myself.

Lets just entertain this analysis for a moment and pretend its true. If people and Apple fan-boys really are waiting for the next iPad and it fails to win their hearts and minds, then Apple is going to start declining. Because people will start realizing that Apple has lost what makes it great, innovation (or a shinier screen resolution, depends on target demographic).

My S3 is enough for me. Getting a tablet to do just the same stuff but in a slightly bigger screen is not a good reason to get a tablet, IMHO.



I think supply-side economics would suggest that tablets are here to stay, but for me it was just a fad/impulse-buy. Still not sure why I finally caved and bought one, probably just to throw a custom ROM on it. But I can think of cheaper ways to kill an evening.

"A new iPad launch always piques consumer interest in the tablet category and traditionally that has helped both Apple and its competitors," -- this dweeb talks like tablets have been around forever and he's got some useful insight. Sure you might get a small spike in demand, but what is the Ipad 4 really going to offer that will significantly affect demand? More shinies? He should quit swinging from Apple's nuts.


maverick knight

"He should quit swinging from Apple's nuts."




I hope the new ipad comes out in January, wanna see those fanbois freeze while waiting in line for one.


John Pombrio

As good as an excuse for poor sales as any...



Sooooo business as usual then?