IDC Expects Continued PC Shipment Declines Through 2013



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John Pombrio

Digitimes is also seeing a decrease in the production of tablet screens due to oversupply from too much production and not enough sales:

There is also a glut of Apple i5C phones, to the tune of 3 million units:




What are their projections for 2010?



Shouldn't the title end with the year 2014 instead of 2013, or is this article a little late in coming?



Actually - based on the last line of the story - it should read 2018.



Currently looking into purchasing new rig. The prices are really scaring me. Nvidia premium prices used to be in the 500 to 600 dollar range. Even motherboards have skyrocketed. The mechanical hard drives are slowing down or being discontinued. The newer drives have short lifespan. Super fast, and depending how much you read and write to them will decrease lifespan.

The thing is there are lots of people, like my parents for example, who don't need a powerful computer. They just check emails, and go onto facebook. A lot of my older relatives, are looking at facebook as the greatest and newest invention which is kind of funny.

The last computer I built, I used the latest Intel Extreme chip as well as other premium parts to build a computer that would last. My goal was to have computer that would last for five years. Well I reached that goal long time ago. In my previous builds, everything was moving so much faster. It didn't take long before your software or hardware was out of date. Not to mention couldn't handle the newer games.

It seems like the hardware moved faster. But as I said above. Some people are fine with the tablets, notebooks, and glorified internet browser. They don't really know what their missing with more powerful system.

Then there is Microsoft. When Windows 8 came out they started pulling the plug on Windows 7. The little stuff that they no longer will support. It seemed like the less people was buying a operating system that is alien to them, the more things Microsoft will do to force a person to buy the newer software. I like change and moving forward. Just don't see it with Windows 8. It looks great on a phone or tablet but not on a desktop. When they remove the start button it felt like a big slap in the face.

Other than that pricing is going to kill computers further. I own a PS3 and PS4. But I do more work and gaming on my computer. I will continue to do so, as long as their around and stay in reasonable price range.



check your headline...change 2014 to 2013.


Insula Gilliganis

I KNOW for a FACT that PC Shipment Declined Through 2013!! I am such a friggin' genius.. hire me IDC!!