IDC and Gartner Agree, Lenovo Top PC Maker for a Full Calendar Year



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I am a Dell guy but more and more Lenovo has the better product.

Case in point. Next work rig. Lenovo has the m93mini which attaches to the back of a monitor. Dell does not even have anything like it also it has mil specs on top!

Dell all in ones dont even have an ssd option, crazy.

Also I love the latitude line of laptop which I own one. The Lenovo thinkpad wins my money now also as well as the X is really nice. Although this is a toss up with the carbon fibre latitude.

Tablets etc I will go Lenovo.

Would be great if Lenovo also had a innovative gaming line like Dell has in Alienware. A real attractive mini itx case, and desktop case and maybe Gaming laptops would round out Lenovo.

Good job Lenovo



Lenovo does have gaming laptops, as they just introduced the Y40/Y50 to replace the Y410 and Y510 gaming laptops.



Lenovo got my money this year for a Yoga Pro 2. Before 2013, I had never considered them a player in the PC space. Marks the only time in 10 years and 5 laptops that my family has purchased something other than Asus. I build my own 'desktops' so none of those offerings have ever interested me.

Whatever they have going on over there is working for them. Their communication and support is bonkers bad though. Kind of par for the course with most computer makers these days, not that it's excusable, just that they all suck.

I hope they keep pushing the form factors and changing the way some systems can be utilized.