IDC: Happy Windows 7 PC Users Won't Switch To Windows 8

Brad Chacos

It’s December, and you know what that means: egg nog, Christmas trees, and Internet top ten lists from both the year past and the year to come. One early attempt at divination amounts to a lump of coal in Microsoft’s stocking: IDC doesn’t exactly expect the desktop version of Windows 8 to leap off the shelves. In fact, the analysis firm bluntly says that Windows 7 users probably won't even care about the new OS when it launches.

“Windows 8 will be largely irrelevant to the users of traditional PCs, and we expect effectively no upgrade activity from Windows 7 to Windows 8 in that form factor,” IDC reports, according to ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley (the IDC report itself costs $3,500 ). IDC expects the new operating system to launch by August.

It’s not surprising to hear forecasters predict that, given that the tiled Metro look is obviously geared towards mobile devices. But IDC also expects Windows 8 to have a rough initial start on tablets, as well. The issue? IDC says delivering an awesome experience on both x86- and ARM-based tablets is “a tall order” for Microsoft.

So, have any of you played around with the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview ? What do you think of the new OS? Since all new OEM PCs will likely ship with Windows 8 once it's available, it's hard to think the new OS will stay "irrelevant" for long, but are you planning on upgrading from Windows 7 when Windows 8 launches?

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