Ice Cream Sandwich Shipping to Original Transformer Tablet "Soon," Asus Says

Paul Lilly

Here's a bit of good news for all you original Eee Pad Transformer tablet PC owners. Android 4.0, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich, is ready to deploy, all it needs is a green light from Google. Asus North America confirmed as much in a Facebook post in response to a question posed by Transformer owner Michael Sullivan, who like many others can't wait to bite into Google's most delicious Android build to date.

"When will ICS be available for the original Transformer? Can't wait any longer!," Sullivan asked Asus via Facebook , in which the tablet maker replied, "Soon. It's in the process of being approved by Google. Once that is done we will be able to push it out to you guys."

Asus' responses drew cheers from other Transformer owners, who were happy to receive the updated info, even if it didn't mention a specific update. Word from Engadget is that it should be ready by February, though there's a chance it could ship sooner.

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