iBuyPower's Ultra-Thin Battalion M1771 Breaks Gaming Laptop Stereotypes



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These things are overheating pieces of junk. Thin does not go with powerful cpu and gpu. Sorry what you get is super loud fan noise trying to cope with the heat and your video card fried. An alienware 17 would blow this away with a 780m and its cooling system, twice the power and running cool. Dont buy this garbage and good luck trying to get a long warranty to cover it. The reviews are already out on these thin gaming laptops do your research. Right now as good as it gets is a clevo 15.6 thick enough to cool a 780m and two fans and easy maintenance. This is a portable as you can go with a 780m. The Msi is next with only one fan though.... you have to step up to a 17 inch or 18 inch Alienware to go sli or crossfire. My ideal portable would be a mil spec Lenovo or Dell with 2 fans and a high powered gpu and no optical drive. Until then Clevo is the only real option because Alienware is their wisdom will not make a 15.6 nor Asus and even is Asus did you could not maintain it yourself due to no access to the fans and hardware



As awesome as it is, and call me a bit whiny, but I'm still disappointed that these machines are running a GTX 765M at 1080p. According to Anand's test of the 14" Razer Blade, the 765M doesn't get super high FPS at 1080p. I'd much rather that these companies follow Razer on the 14" formfactor and scale down the resolution (egads!) to 1600x900. I'd much rather have a higher framerate at a somewhat smaller resolution then a lower framerate at a high resolution. And since these laptops are meant to be lugged around anyways, I don't think it'd be a problem if they were smaller anyways.



Ultra-thin gaming notebooks leave me with one burning question: how hot does it get? If it becomes uncomfortable to use then I would skip it for something more beefier.



Ultra-portable (17-inch) gaming laptop shoot-out article needed:

Razer Blade Pro 17"
MSI GS70 Stealth

There were one or two others to compare too, don't remember the exact info of the top of my head.

Get on it MPC Editors!



I support this as well. I'd like to see the Razer 17" against this against the MSI against the Mythlogic 1713 against the Alienware.

Round up all the decent, yet relatively unknown boutique builders.



And before the first round, the Alienware has to be RMA'd twice because the first and second ones arrived DOA.