iBuyPower's Chimera 4 Line Of Overclocked Gaming PCs Unleashes A Fiery Beast

Brad Chacos

Having a computer powerful enough to play Battlefield 3 is awesome. But sometimes, power isn’t enough; sometimes, you want to get your frag on and look damn stylish doing it. Enter iBuyPower’s new Chimera 4 line of overclocked gaming desktops; the internals may vary, but they all come housed in the company’s new Chimera Inferno 4 Gaming Case, an eye-catching chassis that features a fiery, flaming profile of a lion or chimera or something.

iBuyPower promises that every computer in the line will come with its CPU overclocked by at least 10 percent. Prices start at a budget-friendly $800 for the Chimera 4-FX, which sports, as you may have guessed from the name, an AMD FX-4100 4-Core CPU. Moving up the price ladder gets you increasingly powerful Intel Core processors, topped by the Chimera 4-V1, a $1680 setup that includes an 800W PSU, 8 GB of RAM, a 2GB AMD Radeon 6950 graphics card, and a Core i7-3930K (with a $500 option to up that to a Core i7-3960X). As usual, you can tweak and expand the system to your hearts delight with iBuyPower’s extensive customization options.

Check it out for yourself over at the Chimera 4 page on iBuyPower’s website.

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