iBuypower Revolt Review



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I like the idea of the revolt. I think that right now from what I can see on website it only comes in black on the front and a white body. I think they should also offer all black and perhaps green and back, blue and black etc since I am not very enthused about the white refrigerator look which clashes against my black monitor, keyboard, speaker etc. Its not out of the running for me since it is cheaper then the tiki but not sure I am digging going all plastic for my case that I want around for several years or 5 or 10. Alienware is cool the x51 but if you get a 3 year warranty for example all support ends after that 3 years. I prefer the support that includes liftetime tech support. The more sff systems the better but I do admit to leaning towards the cbyer power lan 3 coolermaster hafxb setup and also the steiger dynamics hptc leet is well perhaps the best your money can buy and yes I would have the space. I think if you just have a longer desk or a small table a cube shaped pc the way to roll!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hmmm, well I paid $640 bucks for my Alienware X51 that had the i3 processor and 8 Gigs of Ram.
With the upgrade I made.
$230 for the i5
$260 for an Nvidia 660 Ti
$90 for 16Gb RAM
$220 Corsair SDD 180Gig
$100 for the 330 Power supply.
Total spent $1,540

This 'Revolt PC' is not bad at all. Specially for those who want to get something console game size like myself. If you have the cash to buy it upfront that is. I didn't so that's why I got the X51 and then slowly upgraded.