iBuyPower Launches Sweet Looking Dragon Themed Chassis

Paul Lilly

We're not into the whole branding thing ourselves, but if you're a fan of AMD's dragon graphics, don't plan on rolling your own rig, and don't have a hankering for Intel hardware, then iBuyPower has a chassis right up your alley. Designed in conjunction with AMD, the new Dragon Special Edition enclosure is really an NZXT Lexa case with a killer makeover.

"The uniquely wrapped NZXT Lexa enclosure features the metallic AMD Dragon with its piercing red eyes, wings spread, and jaws open poised to strike," iBuyPower explains. "The AMD Dragon Special Edition chassis is designed to add an element of lethality to gamers' lifestyles."

And a bit of flair to your desktop. But the real draw here is that iBuyPower isn't price gouging. The Dragon themed Lexa is available on iBuyPower's entire range of AMD systems, including as part of a fully configured Athlon II-based setup starting at $439. Just ignore the 'X6' tag on the side of the case, we won't tell.

Image Credit: iBuyPower

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