iBuyPower Launches 2 New Dragon-Powered Gaming Desktops

Maximum PC Staff

iBuyPower does their very best to sing the hymn of the bargain computer shopper, and this time they’ve managed to come out in tune. Their most recent verses are the Dragon Based Gamer HAF 91B and the Gamer Fire.

The HAF 91B will feature Phenom II X4 CPU 920 processor, 4GB DDR2, 500GB HDD, an ATI 512MB Radeon HD 3850, and will run you about $999. The Fire runs along the same lines, featuring a Phenom II X4 940 CPU, 750GB HDD, and the rest of the hardware essentially the same for $1,439.

If you’re looking for a new gaming rig on the cheap, don’t hesitate to check these two out. On paper, they look to be mighty steady choices.

Image Credit: iBuyPower

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