iBuyPower Brings Gaming Desktop to Brick and Mortar

Paul Lilly

Boutique system builder iBuyPower is partnering with Tiger Direct to launch a new Core i7 gaming system in each of the retailer's 33 stores in five states, and Puerto Rico for good measure. This is new ground for iBuyPower, which says that this is the first time customers in big market areas like Chicago and Miami can log some hands-on time with a system before whipping out their PayPal card.

"Our customers are hardcore gamers that expect a flawless gaming experience each time they sit down in to play," said Darren Su , Vice President of iBuyPower. "We wanted to share that positive experience with new customers, allowing them to test drive one of our systems at a local Tiger Direct retail center."

The system is a Gamer Extreme 966 outfitted with a liquid-cooled Intel Core i7 960 processor, GTX 460 graphics card, 6GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB hard drive, 700W power suuply, and Xion Echo case. It will sell for $1,160.

Image Credit: iBuyPower

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