IBM's Hardware Division Could Bear the Brunt of Upcoming Job Cuts



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They keep telling you that jobs in the IT field will increase, but than you keep reading articles like this....


John Pombrio

Notice that IBM is once more removing itself from any hardware business that is awash in products. With Google, Amazon and other moving away from buying server blades to making their own, IBM has again left when the hardware is getting increasing cheap and becoming a commodity.
They did it with PCs. they did it with laptops, and now they are doing it with servers. A good decision on their part. The money is still made in system support.



I have a lot of respect for IBM's engineers. However, I think their managers are a bunch of know-nothing incompetent ass-clowns who couldn't run a successful business to save their lives.

My company was essentially taken over by about 200 people who came over from IBM - they made business decisions that a kid who had run a successful lemonade stand would have known were stupid. It cost my company millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs. We fired just about every single person who had come over from IBM and we are still trying to recover... 2 years later.

I will never, every use IBM's business consulting services, or be able to meet an executive from that company without being able to tell them about the experience I had with their organization. I would be ashamed to work for IBM.



I guess obama care is catching up with Big Blue.