IBM to Invest $100 Million in Healthcare Technology

Paul Lilly

IBM on Thursday said its going to throw millions -- as in, $100 million -- into a new research initiative that will have IBM collaborating with clinicians to develop new technologies, scientific advancements, and businesses processes for healthcare and insurance providers.

"Improving the quality of healthcare requires more than just digitizing health data," said Chalapathy Neti, Global Lead, Healthcare Transformation at IBM Research. "In fact the proliferation of diagnostics technology has in many ways added another layer of complexity, making it more difficult to gain valuable insights for patient care. Enabling greater coordination between care providers and transforming data into clinical decision intelligence could improve patient outcomes and help lower costs of healthcare today."

The money will be doled out over the next three years with a focus on three main areas. These will include evidence generation, streamlining the healthcare delivery process to improve service quality, and new incentives and models to reward patient outcomes rather than only treatment and volume of care.

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