IBM Takes Its Office Suite Into Cloud with LotusLive Symphony

Pulkit Chandna

IBM is bringing its Lotus Symphony productivity suite to the cloud with the launch of LotusLive Symphony, a cloud-based office productivity suite. IBM believes that LotusLive Symphony , along with other software and services launched today , will help “businesses embrace the social business models through cloud computing.”

Currently at the technology preview stage, the new cloud-based office productivity suite will square off against comparable products like Google Apps, Microsoft Office Web Apps, Zoho Office Suite and Oracle Cloud Office. It will be widely available in the second half of 2011.

“LotusLive Symphony is new set of social collaboration tools in the cloud that allows you and your customers or colleagues to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations - together. You can co-edit, organize and manage the creation process in real-time, using LotusLive Symphony's Web-based tools,” the company announced on the official Lotus Symphony.

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