IBM Smitten with Firefox, Its New Default Browser

Paul Lilly

Sometimes wars come down to alliances, and in the browser war, Mozilla now has IBM in its corner, says Bob Sutor, VP of Linux and Open Source at IBM.

"Some of the software we all use shouldn’t surprise you since we make it, such as Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, and Lotus Symphony," Sutor wrote in a blog post. "We’re officially adding a new piece of software to the list of default common applications we expect employees to use, and that’s the Mozilla Firefox browser.

"Firefox has been around for years, of course. Today we already have thousands of employees using it on Linux, Mac, and Windows laptops and desktops, but we’re going to be adding thousands more users to the rolls."

Sutor listed out several reasons why he himself prefers Firefox over the competition, chief among them that "Firefox is stunningly standards compliant, and interoperability via open standards is key to IBM's strategy." Sutor also praised Firefox for its security and extensible nature, or in other words the very same reasons why it's been such a hit on the consumer side.

Full blog post here .

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