IBM is Still King of the Patent Hill

Ryan Whitwam

You might not go down to the local electronics store and buy an IBM computer anymore, but Big Blue is far from gone. For the 17th consecutive year, IBM has earned the most US patents of any company with 4,914. The next closest was Samsung with 2,906. Together with this year’s acquisitions, IBM’s mountain of patents numbers more than 30,000.

The sheer volume of IBM patents may have even created an entirely new business. IBM will begin selling a patent management software suite to companies keen on being the next IBM. The software will help businesses survey their patent holdings and target opportunities for new patents.

IBM will even be offering training sessions on how to build and leverage patent portfolios. “We are making our IP (intellectual property) know-how and patent management software available because clients have increasingly approached IBM for insight into how to effectively establish and manage their own patent and IP portfolios,” said IBM’s Manager of IP, Kevin Reardon. Maybe these products are just the gift for the entrepreneur in your life. Who couldn’t use a little advice from Big Blue?

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