IBM Creates Jeopardy-Playing Supercomputer

Paul Lilly

We don't know if robots will one day rise up and defeat man for dominion over Earth, but one thing's for sure, we're giving up too much ground already. That's because IBM has gone and created a supercomputer capable of beating humans at Jeopardy, a game show that has been dominated by humans ever since it was created nearly 50 years ago.

As The New York Times reports it, IBM's supercomputer, called Watson, appeared in a mock version of the popular game show back in December, followed by live matches after that. During those live matches, Watson won four of six games, answering a variety of questions from cultural media to science and even wordplay.

IBM so far has stuffed the contents of tens of millions of documents into Watson, and come fall, the supercomputer will have its shot at beating humans in the real life Jeopardy game show on national TV, NYT reports. Which side will you be rooting for?

YouTube Demonstration

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