i4i: We're Watching Microsoft "Extremely Carefully" for Patent Infringement

Paul Lilly

After winning a $290 million court judgment against Microsoft, Canadian developer i4i has vowed to keep a close eye on Microsoft to make sure the Redmond outfit doesn't try any further funny business in regards to i4i's patents.

"We are going to look extremely carefully at all Microsoft products," promised Loudon Owen, chairman of i4i.

Owen didn't say whether or not his company's software studs have been examining Office 2010, which Microsoft contends does not use i4i's Custom XML technology, but it's probably safe to assume i4i isn't leaving any software stone unturned. That includes the revised Word 2007 Microsoft must come up with by January 11, 2010.

A federal court recently rejected Microsoft's appeal and upheld a lower court ruling that ordered MS to pay i4i $290 million in damages and interest for infringing the firm's XML editing technology.

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