I Won the Devil 13 HD 7990 Dual-GPU Video Card

Chris Zele

Five questions with the winner of our $1K PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990 giveaway

A few months ago we gave away a PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990 , a $1,000+ dual-GPU video card that features two 7970 's in CrossFire. The lucky winner of the dual card was Preston Murrell from Marion, Indiana. We wanted to check in with Preston and see what he has done with the Devil 13, so we asked him five questions including what his rig was at the time of winning the video card and if he had ever heard of the Devil 13 video card before entering the constest.

Here is the Q&A with our winner.

1. Where do you live and how long have you read Maximum PC?

I live in Marion, Indiana where I also go to college. I got in to the computer scene in my freshman year of college and started reading the magazine about two years ago.

2. Before the contest, had you ever heard of the Devil 13?

I can't say that I've heard of it before the contest, I mostly used Nvidia cards like the custom EVGA Hydrocopper Editions. I did keep up with mainstream cards from AMD, however.

3. What were the system specs of your machine when you entered the contest?

CPU: Intel 2500K - Overclocked to 4.8ghz

Motherboard: ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3

Video Card: EVGA 560 ti 1GB (short pcb)

Overclocked to 925mhz

Memory: 12GB 1333MHz CL 9 G.Skill Value RAM

Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB SATA III hard drive

Power Supply: Corsair AX 750

Case: Rosewill Challenger

Fan controller: Scythe 4 channel fan controller


Custom CPU water loop

XSPC Raystorm

XSPC XO2 750 res/pump

XSPC RS 360 Radiator

Black Primochill 1/2" tubing

4. When you found out you won, what upgrades did you think you would need to make?

Case and power supply were my biggest concerns! I had hoped that my Corsair AX 750 power supply would be enough to power my sytem, but it just wasn't stable enough to power my upgraded rig.

5. What upgrades have you made with the Devil 13 since, and how does it run?

Since receiving the Devil 13 I have gotten a Corsair 800D and a Corsair Neutron GTX SSD and swaped out to a Corsair TX 850 and the RAM for some Crucial Ballistix 1866 CL 9 RAM for 8GB's worth. I am still planning to go with an even bigger power supply, either a Corsair HX 1050 or a Corsair AX 1200 , and I want to add 8GB more of RAM. In terms of the the GPU itself, I haven't done anything as of yet. I want to get the EKWB 7990 waterblock for it, but they are in limited supply and cost about $220 for just the block after shipping so I haven't been able to get one. Hopefully I will get HD 7990 water block and add another 360 mm radiator and a switch MCP35x pump and pumptop so that everything will be quiet.

Preston's rig after he received the PowerColor Devil 13 HD 7990

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